0 to 100, real quick 😎 #squad (at shout out to the squad ✊)

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Have you ever made out with someone and realized while you were kissing them that they are just nasty? Lol.

yes honestly haha.

Morgan is beautiful and so are you... Marry each other... Please?

I’m planning on it, thank you.

How long have you had a tumblr baby?

about 2 or 3 years now, but you can call me baby once your title is, “my girlfriend”

cousins birthday party. 😊 (at yes, im wearing a dress 🙈)

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Wow this .gif is so good

This gif is the highest quality gif I have ever seen ever

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if i show you a picture on my phone, do not SWIPE. ain’t nobody tell you to take a motherfucking tour.

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You have to get lost to find where you belong.

Painted this guy the other day on a map, definitely one of the cooler projects I’ve done.

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